ImageImageBuild a Killer Family Business, Without Killing Your Family

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Succession in Your Family Business!

Are you organising an event for family business owners?

Elevate your agenda with this keynote, Build a Killer Family Business, Without Killing Your Family.

This session goes beyond the dry, technical discussions typically associated with business succession, offering a lively, engaging journey through the human aspects of passing the torch from one generation to the next.

Why Stephen is the Speaker Your Event Needs:

  • Dynamic and Engaging: Stephen captivates his audience with relatable stories, humour, and engaging visuals that make the complex challenges and solutions of family business succession come alive.

  • Inter-generational Appeal: His approach resonates across generations, facilitating crucial conversations that align family members towards a common vision of growth and sustainability.

  • Extensive Experience: With a lifetime of managing family businesses and supporting next-generation entrepreneurs globally, Stephen brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to his talks, making him a favourite among conference organisers.

  • Proven Framework: At the core of his engaging discussions, Stephen introduces "The 5Ps of Successful Succession", a method crafted from extensive research and personal experience, ensuring a practical takeaway for successful business transitions.

Blood is thicker than water...
...but it boils quicker!

A Keynote That Transforms

Stephen’s keynote doesn’t just provide insights—it sparks transformation.

Through engaging storytelling and practical advice, Stephen addresses the nuanced challenges of family business succession.

He explores the emotional landscapes that can hinder progress and offers strategies to navigate these sensitively and effectively.

Attendees will learn how to foster alignment and enthusiasm across generational divides, ensuring not only the longevity of their business but also enhancing familial bonds.

By integrating his personal experiences with interactive elements, Stephen ensures that every participant is not just a listener but an active contributor to the discourse.

This approach helps cement understanding and commitment to applying the strategies discussed, making the session a transformative experience that resonates well beyond the event.

The 5 Ps of Successful Succession


Transform Your Event into a Milestone

Choosing Stephen for your family business event means choosing a milestone for your attendees.

His sessions are designed not only to inform but also to transform.  They turn passive listening into active engagement, leaving every attendee with memorable insights and actionable strategies.

Whether your audience comprises seasoned leaders or the next generation stepping up, Stephen’s keynote is the catalyst for change they need.

With his guidance, your event will be remembered as the turning point where businesses began to think differently about succession.

It’s where new pathways for growth are forged, and the seeds for a flourishing future are sown.

By bringing Stephen to your event, you’re not just filling a slot in the agenda—you’re setting the stage for legacy, innovation, and long-term success.

About Stephen

Stephen has spent his entire adult life (and most of his childhood) in family businesses - as well as starting a few of his own.  Having bought both family businesses from his parents and growing them internationally, Stephen learned a lot about successful succession planning - as well as making some mistakes along the way...

Stephen is the former global chair of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards which supports young, emerging entrepreneurs in over 50 countries around the world and served on the global committee for EO Accelerator which supports entrepreneurs who want to scale past 250k per year.

Stephen is a strategy facilitator; team development coach; leadership coach and personality profiler.

Stephen has facilitated workshops, delivered keynotes and taught on leadership academies in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

Stephen's parents still work for with him...


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