ImageImageBuild a Killer Family Business, Without Killing Your Family

Growing your business with the next generation of leaders can be tough - especially in a family business...

Keynote - In Person or Virtual

In this keynote, Stephen shares the basics of The 5Ps of Successful Succession.  These are vitally important mindset shifts that Current and Next Generations need to embrace to ensure a Successful Succession of the family business.

Sharing from personal experience and global research - Stephen is able to put these mindsets into clear focus so you can identify the next clearactionable steps to ensure your succession planning is a success.  Design a seamless transition from one generation to the next to grow the company you've spent so long building.

Family Businesses can either Stop; Sell; Survive or Scale...

I only want to help you Scale!

Stephen provides guidance on harnessing the talents of the Next Generation and getting the Current Generation excited about the future plans for growth.  

Framing these topics - along with the mindset shifts allow the generations to have constructive conversations about the future of the business and begin a successful succession plan.

If you are a family business or just starting to think about becoming a multi generational business, the perspectives shared in this keynote can help you plan for a successful succession.

Open up the lines of communication, get everyone on board, and keep your family running like a well oiled machine!

Every family business has a professional side and a personal side - both of which can be intertwined and fraught with emotional baggage and personality clashes

Succession planning can be like navigating treacherous terrain. Trips and falls can lead to broken family ties, broken hearts, and broken businesses.

Selecting the next generation of leaders in any company is filled with pit falls and potential disaster, but when you have family relations and inter-generational differences, the kitchen/boardroom table can become a battlefield...

Imagine your business not only surviving long into the future, but flourishing for generations to come.

Blood is thicker than water...
...but it boils quicker!

Optional Dinner Discussion

As part of the keynote, Stephen shares not only the mindsets necessary for successful succession, but also some thoughts and ideas about how to develop the business into the future.

An interesting option is to invite all participants and their families - even those not in the business - to the talk and then to a dinner to discuss the ideas and explore some of the themes as a family or in small family groups.

The kicker for this option is after the main course, before desserts, the Next Generation members all get up and move to another family table to have a new discussion with that Current Generation to give and receive a different perspective on their ideas.

This gives a fresh perspective on some of the ideas without having any of the baggage to cloud or hinder the flourishing of the ideas that might come up and tease out the options in a way that might otherwise be sidelined.

Stephen would attend the dinner too, to remind the tables of the topics and encourage as much participation as possible and to facilitate the new ideas after the main course move.

About Stephen

Stephen has spent his entire adult life (and most of his childhood) in family businesses - as well as starting a few of his own.  Having bought both family businesses from his parents and growing them internationally, Stephen learned a lot about successful succession planning - as well as making some mistakes along the way...

Stephen is the former global chair of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards which supports young, emerging entrepreneurs in over 50 countries around the world and served on the global committee for EO Accelerator which supports entrepreneurs who want to scale past 250k per year.

Stephen is a strategy facilitator; team development coach; leadership coach and personality profiler.

Stephen has facilitated workshops, delivered keynotes and taught on leadership academies in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

Stephen's parents still work for with him...


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