Live cohort training for next generation entrepreneurs, providing the skills; tools; mindset and networks to set you up for success.

Helping the next generation of entrepreneurs ready to step up and lead!

Weekly training sessions & Cohort networking

Over this 10 week programme, you will not only learn the skills; tools and mindsets to help you become the next generation of entrepreneur in your family business, but you will also share valuable insights and develop meaningful connections with your peers.

Through peer learning and collaboration, cohort-based training helps trainees to tap into your full potential as future leaders and grow to become more confident, capable entrepreneurs.

If you're looking to develop your leadership skills and take your family business to the next level, the NextGENtrepreneur Academy is perfect for you.

Our weekly in-person training sessions will help you hone your strategic thinking skills and give you the tools you need to succeed as a leader.

You'll learn from our experienced instructors, who have a wealth of knowledge in family businesses, and have the opportunity to network with other young entrepreneurs.

The NextGENtrepreneur Academy is the perfect place to develop your skills and take your family business to new heights.

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NextGENtrepreneur Academy Modules

Self Leadership

It all starts with you as the leader.  You must learn to lead yourself before you can lead others.

Leading Others

No one can do it all alone, we need to inspire, motivate and lead our teams so we are all working in the same direction.

Handling Conflict Without Fear

Conflict is inevitable, being able to manage it productively and move to resolution effectively, is crucial.

Team Development

Developing your team's internal and external strengths as well as spotting gaps and derailers.

Time Management

Making the most effective use of your time is the best way to drive your business and personal life forward.

Personality & Leadership

Who you are determines how you lead. Learn your leadership style and how that impacts your team.

Strategic Thinking

Understanding where the world is going and how you can get ahead of the right trends.

Coaching Your Team

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Developing your team is crucial to your long lasting success.

Hiring The Right People

Competency based selection, find the right candidates with the right personality, ability & values for your roles.

Business Storytelling

The ability to sell your ideas and motive your team makes you and your business stand apart from the rest.

Individual Leadership Personality Report

Hogan's Leader Focus Report helps high performers, new leaders, and next generation entrepreneurs to understand their personal leadership style and identify which opportunities are best suited for them.

Participants will also gain insight on how they can adapt their workplace approach to capitalise on their strengths. No matter what type of leaders they are, all participants will improve their ability to inspire followership, boost morale, and promote productivity in their organisations.

This helps NextGENtrepreneurs understand their influence; learn how to manage their strengths, weaknesses and manage their unconscious biases.

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Course Creator - Stephen Shortt

Stephen has spent his entire adult life (and most of his childhood) in family businesses - as well as starting a few of his own.  Having bought both family businesses from his parents and growing them internationally, Stephen learned a lot about successful succession planning - as well as making some mistakes along the way...

Stephen is the former global chair of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards which supports young, emerging entrepreneurs in over 50 countries around the world and served on the global committee for EO Accelerator which supports entrepreneurs who want to scale past 250k per year.

Stephen is a strategy facilitator; team development coach; leadership coach and personality profiler.


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