The Legendary Leaders Podcast

I had a really fantastic time chatting with Cathleen Merkel about her time in corporate before striking out to support people to learn and grow as a mindset and leadership coach. To find out more about what Cathleen is doing and how she can help you, check out:

Grow Money Business – Grant Bledsoe

I had a lovely time chatting with Grant recently (even with the enormous time difference!) about succession planning in longer established family businesses. Check out some more of Grant’s stuff here:

Profit ToolBelt with Dom Rubino

I had a great time chatting with Dom recently about succession planning in the construction industry and how family run businesses can start to plan their long term strategy for succession. Dom and I first met at an EO event in Frankfurt many years ago, he’s a great guy with a great sense of humour (he laughs at my crap …

Mohanni Love Podcast

Was great to chat with Mohanni Love on her podcast – Let’s Talk About It – about all things personality, succession planning and figuring out how to get some solutions to age old problems in multi generational businesses!

Succession planning in farming

I had a very interesting conversation with Chris recently about how family farms and agri-businesses in general can look at succession planning within their business.

RNG Radio

Really enjoyed chatting with Daniel on his RNG Radio Show recently. On his show he talks a lot about Credit Repair, Real Estate and Motivation – all things that are really important for Family Businesses!