Should I join the family business or get a job somewhere else?

Many graduates have asked themselves: Should I get a job or join the family business? In theory, joining a family business seems to solve a number of problems for you and your parents. You don’t have to stress about finding a job while you have the opportunity to develop and grow an already established business. Sounds like a win-win situation …

5 ways you could be hurting your family business 

Many family businesses fail or are sold before they reach the second generation. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: family businesses are critical to the global economy’s health. According to the 2021 EY and University of St. Gallen Family Business Index, the 500 largest family businesses employ 24.1 million people and generate $7.28 trillion in revenue. This reminds …

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What is succession planning in a family business?

Succession is a challenge that every business has to face from time to time. Every employee, from a new recruit to a C-suite executive, needs to be succeeded when they leave their job, retire, or are promoted from their current position. But nowhere is the issue of succession more fundamental than in a family business. You could easily say that, …

The Legendary Leaders Podcast

I had a really fantastic time chatting with Cathleen Merkel about her time in corporate before striking out to support people to learn and grow as a mindset and leadership coach. To find out more about what Cathleen is doing and how she can help you, check out:

Grow Money Business – Grant Bledsoe

I had a lovely time chatting with Grant recently (even with the enormous time difference!) about succession planning in longer established family businesses. Check out some more of Grant’s stuff here:

Profit ToolBelt with Dom Rubino

I had a great time chatting with Dom recently about succession planning in the construction industry and how family run businesses can start to plan their long term strategy for succession. Dom and I first met at an EO event in Frankfurt many years ago, he’s a great guy with a great sense of humour (he laughs at my crap …

Mohanni Love Podcast

Was great to chat with Mohanni Love on her podcast – Let’s Talk About It – about all things personality, succession planning and figuring out how to get some solutions to age old problems in multi generational businesses!

Succession planning in farming

I had a very interesting conversation with Chris recently about how family farms and agri-businesses in general can look at succession planning within their business.

RNG Radio

Really enjoyed chatting with Daniel on his RNG Radio Show recently. On his show he talks a lot about Credit Repair, Real Estate and Motivation – all things that are really important for Family Businesses!

Chief of Anything Podcast

It was great to chat with Michael and Christian on their podcast about Remote Leadership and my time working from Spain for a year (getting practise in well before the global lockdown!)